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I asked ChatGPT about the future – I was startled by what it said

People in my LinkedIn feed have been wetting themselves over the realistic conversations they’ve been having with a cutting-edge chatbot called ChatGPT. 

Released at the end of November, ChatGPT is the latest creation from the non-profit OpenAI Inc., and it’s WAAAAYYYY more impressive than any chatbot you’ve encountered while trying to do your banking online.

Scarily so.

The Telegraph: We tested the latest AI – and here's why you should be worried

Financial Times: ChatGPT is fluent, clever a…

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Why resilience won't give you mojo

Read Time: 3.5 minutes

The economy’s going to hell. Technology is creating as many problems as it’s fixing. And we seem to be on the brink of World War III.

What's the most popular antidote being promoted for all the uncertainty this creates? Resilience.

It's the idea that you can recover quickly from setbacks, grit your teeth, and move on. 

Sounds pretty good, especially if you're struggling through a difficult period.

But while resilience can be useful in some situations, it’s by no mea…

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