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If you're lost with your career, you're far from alone

At this stage in your life, you weren't expecting your job to leave you feeling dissatisfied and directionless.

You feel increasing pressure to “get it right” when it comes to your life and how your career fits in.

After all, the clock is ticking.

Career Crafters provides coaching to help you overcome the sense that you should be getting more out of life, so you can create a more ambitious and fulfilling future for yourself. 

Find Your Purpose

Whatever your situation, you need to know what motivates you and gives you satisfaction, now and in the future.

Create Your Vision

A compelling an irresistible vision of your future is essential to give you clarity and direction. 

Make It Happen

Bring to life your vision for a flourishing career – whether running your own company or working for somebody else. 

The Secret Sauce

Making great decisions – about your career and life – means thinking clearly about the future

But thinking about the long-term future is hard and forces us to confront uncertainty, and uncertainty is the gateway to doubt.

The key to overcoming uncertainty isn't something they taught you in school. 

Because the problem isn't so much uncertainty, as our psychological allergy to uncertainty.  This allergic response repels us from the future, even when we should be leaning in to it.  

The answer is to cultivate a capacity unique to humans: Your imagination. 

Your imagination allows you to transport your mind into the future to create a motivating vision for yourself, a vision that can accept the uncertainty.

Your vision is your secret weapon to turn uncertainty into opportunity, so that your attitude to the future shifts from one of risk and fear to one of confidence and abundance.  

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Quality Coaching for All

Traditional coaching is expensive. That's why Career Crafters has adopted a subscription-based model that allows you to take advantage of top-quality coaching at an affordable price.  

Qualified Coaches

All our coaches are insured and possess qualifications recognised by the International Coaching Federation. 

The Benefits of Membership

As well as individual coaching, you'll get skills workshops, group coaching sessions and regular check-ups on your progress.

First Month:
*30-Day Career Clarity Challenge 

Individual 1:1 coaching with Graham to get your vision crystal clear and your direction set. 

  • On-boarding (30 minutes): Where you are, where you want to go 
  • Session 1 (1.5 hours): Clarify what you want from life and what drives you
  • Session 2 (1.5 hours): Identify the strengths that will propel you to the next level 
  • Session 3 (2 hours): Design your future based on a vision that you can't resist  
  • Session 4 (1.5 hours): Create a plan working back from your vision that is robust but flexible 

Following Months:
Bring Your Future to Life

Individual and group sessions to give you the skills, confidence and accountability to make it happen!

  • Laser focus on execution
  • Monthly individual coaching sessions
  • Group coaching
  • Skills workshops (CVs, interviews, networking)
  • Frequent check-ins to drive progress

**90-Day Clarity Challenge PLUS
(Premium Members)

1:1 sessions with Graham

Discovery call (45 minutes)
Session 1: Values elicitation (2 hours)
Session 2: Lumina Spark feedback (2 hours)
Session 3: Design your future - 1 (2 hours)
Session 4: Design your future - 2 (2 hours)
Session 5: Create your plan (2 hours)
Session 6: Stress testing (2 hours)

Then a 2-hour session every fortnight for 2 months focusing on execution. 

  • Career Crafters

    “Just want to update you on my job hunt. In the end I got 4 job offers, which was a surprise from where I was. Thanks for all your help. You set me on the path of thinking more deeply about what I wanted.”

    former communications manager seeking a career change

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The most accessible coaching program for quick results.

30-Day Career Clarity Challenge*

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Monthly live workshops

Frequent check-ins

All the templates and workbooks

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For those seeking radical change.

3-months intensive 1:1

90-Day Clarity Challenge PLUS**

18+ hours of individual coaching

24/7 support and check-ins

Fundamental values enquiry

Money-back promise

BONUS: In-depth personality assessment

About Graham

Imagine having the confidence and certainty of KNOWING what you want to do.  

I've been through many career transitions (read more). Each was unique yet they all generated a great fear of uncertainty about the future.  

At some points I've had coaches, but I've found two problems with coaching:

1. Good coaching is very expensive

2. It often underestimates the importance of understanding the future

So, when I qualified as a coach, I decided to include my experience studying the future, change and psychology for my doctorate and create a product that was accessible to a much wider range of people.  

The result is Career Crafters: accessible, quality coaching that focuses on helping you create a compelling and motivating future vision for yourself. 

Read more about The Career Crafters Vision.


Qualifications and Memberships

Career Crafters
David - former corporate salesperson turned entrepreneur

“Graham quickly helped me understand what strengths I could play to and what sorts of things I might find harder. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve some of my personal goals without him.”

former corporate salesperson turned entrepreneur

Career Crafters
Gilza - childcare worker transitioning to new career

“The single biggest benefit of working with Graham was getting to know myself better, so I could figure out where I was, what I needed to do, and the plan to make it happen. It’s a big thing.”

childcare worker transitioning to new career

Career Crafters_v2

The Career Crafters Vision

Make quality coaching available to all: Coaching is expensive. You'll hear how people such as Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg and Bill Gates have coaches. But you shouldn't need the "Trillion Dollar Coach" to succeed. I aim to allow as many people as possible to take advantage of the benefits of coaching.

Make more accessible the techniques of futurists and psychologists: Coaching often fails the individual because it assumes they know what they want. We assume you don't. But there are numerous techniques and tools available that allow you to manage the uncertainty about your future and stretch your imagination to create more ambitious and compelling futures for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

You pay a monthly subscription to receive quality coaching that will help you design a vision and bring it life. 

What results can I expect?

We focus on your career and how it fits into your life. No matter if you want to switch careers, start a new business, or reinvent your current business, I will help you achieve those goals.  

How quickly can I get results?

I aim to get you moving as quickly as possible towards achieving a more ambitious and flourishing future for yourself. That's why you'll move quickly during the first month to find out what needs to happen. I will be on your case – you need to be OK with that before you join. 

How much time is this going to take me?

During the first month, Full Members will receive 7 hours of individual coaching. To make the most of these, you should also take the video courses, which will take about 2 hours in total. You will also need to keep a journal and do research in between sessions. After the first month, it depends on what type of future you are choosing for yourself. 

Any refunds or guarantees?

I want to create a lot of value for you. But to give you peace of mind, Full Members can get a refund during the first 30 days. Premium Members enjoy an "anytime" money-back guarantee.

How can I ask more questions?

Write to me at or arrange a call with me.

If you don't know what to do, get career clarity today. 

10% of our profits go to Malala Fund.

There are still 130 million girls who don't go to school.
Malala Fund works to ensure ALL girls get 12 years of education.